TetraMap® Facilitator Certification

01st May
Washington, D.C

TetraMap® Facilitator Certification


01 - 02 May 2019


09:00 - 17:30


Washington, D.C


Certification Course



Boost collaboration in your business this year with TetraMap®.

Join us in Washington DC on May 1st and 2nd, 2019 to discover a new way to propel collaboration, engagement and agile performance in your business.
Leading organizations across the globe are using TetraMap as a simplified solution to respond to the urgent call to propel their agile performance needs. Our systemic and intuitive tool is helping them adapt to today’s changing business needs.
TetraMap is a business solution that disrupts traditional psychometric methods. Using nature as a metaphor, it inspires people to collaborate in new ways with better results.
Our dynamic, mindset-shifting, Certification Course will provide you with new tools to shift the thinking in your business and achieve greater results.


Proven solution.

Becoming a TetraMap facilitator is more than just adding another tool to your facilitator's kit. Our simplified performance solution will give you the knowledge and skills you need to guide your clients to success by ensuring individuals and teams are more connected, aware and inspired. The TetraMap “Why Are You Like That?” workshops have been delivered by Certified Facilitators thousands of times in different business contexts with extraordinary results.

Facilitators around the globe are helping organizations thrive in changing times through facilitating:

  • The “Why are you like that?” process and workbook exercises that create a mind-shift in team communication, collaboration and performance;
  • How to apply TetraMap as a natural foundation for advancing communication, trust, engagement and agile performance;
  • Techniques to improve diverse team communication, relationships and performance;
  • How to use nature as a metaphor;
  • How to use the tetrahedron to prove -- visually and kinaesthetically - why diversity is
    key to teamwork and agile performance;
  • How TetraMap is a business performance solution that goes Beyond Behavior to propel
    operational outcomes.


Join a global community.

Our facilitators gain:

  • The credential of Certified TetraMap Facilitator
  • The knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate TetraMap workshops
  • The ability to integrate TetraMap into your clients specific programs
  • Access to a global community to support your growth through sharing best practices

Watch the video to see to what other facilitators have to say about our program...


TetraMap® Benefits

Increase Performance and Collaboration

Strengthens the appreciation of natural differences in behavior and competences by detonating the synergistic potential.

Expand your capacity of leadership

To create positive, inclusive and creative work cultures.

Improve the communication

Strengthens connections between people, ability to connect in a better way.

Scalable Learning Solution

It is easily incorporated into the context and real needs of each team.


TetraMap® Approach

Authors and consultants leading the movement of the most admired organizations, such as Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, Patrick Lencioni and Benjamin Sandler agree that relationships and trust are the critical factors of successful teams.


What makes TetraMap® unique?

The only business performance solution that uses the principles of Nature as a metaphor to demonstrate the importance and value of differences.

Why are organizations using TetraMap versus the more traditional models?

  • Agile, fresh, innovative, holistic and scalable;
  • Immediately applicable – “learn in the morning -- use in the afternoon”;
  • Creates a common language to apply to any organizational need;
  • Encourages diversity of thought and appreciation of differing perspectives;
  • Fosters interdependence within and across teams.


TetraMap is used to:

  • Build a framework for a variety of organizational challenges including: Aligning Business Goals, Improving Communication, Team Building, Cultural Transformation, Agile Performance, Coaching, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Change Management, Project Management, Leadership Development, Customer Experience, and Fostering Innovation;
  • Help leaders better understand their own nature and the value of diversity;
  • Develop employee self awareness and ability to foster more team and organizational cohesion.


Leading companies use TetraMap®



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